Mark Zuckerberg Enjoys Yacht Trip on Honeymoon

May 30, 2012 (No Comments)

mark zuckerberg and priscilla chan charter luxury yacht for honeymoon in italy

Yacht holiday? Like!

Having a net worth of over $30billion means newly married Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan could honeymoon anywhere in the world, at any hotel, at any price… but it was a yacht vacation that was at the top of this private couple’s wishlist after they arrived in Rome by private jet.

The couple were spotted cruising the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy after two days spent visiting the Sistine Chapel and sightseeing in Rome, where they stayed in a €800-a-night 5-star hotel and were driven around the city by a chauffeur-driven limousine.

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The couple have also celebrated their recent low-key wedding by going inland, taking strolls through the cobbled streets of quaint villages and eating at traditional Italian restaurants.

However news of Facebook’s stock market decline must have reached the happy couple…

The company’s shares plunged to their lowest point yesterday since its rather controversial debut earlier this month.

As one of the world’s wealthiest men with  a £11.6bn to his name, not to mention successful also, we are sure that this is a minor glitch that will right itself!

And considering the wealth and success, many have been surprised by the couple’s itinerary.

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The couple who met at Harvard have preferred much more low-key adventures rather than splashing the cash on extravagant trips. It makes a refreshing change from what we normally see celebrities doing!

Over the last eight years, Facebook has grown into a worldwide network of almost a billion people, showing that the little site Mark created in his room is a viable business and more than what some may have deemed just a passing fad.

Facebook’s initial public offering of stock priced at $38 raised $16billion for Facebook and some of its early investors.

It had valued the company at $104billion – more than Amazon at $98billion, at the time.

Not bad for a company whose creator is still just 28 years old…

Mark and Priscilla hired motor yacht Pershing 37 for their trip – take a peek at how they lived here!

mark zuckerberg and priscilla chan charter luxury yacht for honeymoon in italy