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Mark Zuckerberg Enjoys Yacht Trip on Honeymoon

By celebsonyachts | 30th May 2012 | (No) | 7271
Yacht holiday? Like! Having a net worth of over $30billion means newly married Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan could honeymoon anywhere in the world, at any hotel, at any price… but it was a yacht vacation that was at the top of this private couple’s wishlist after they arrived in Rome by private jet. The couple […]

Sacha Baron Cohen Causes a Scene on Luxury Yacht in Cannes as ‘The Dictator’

By celebsonyachts | 17th May 2012 | (No) | 15578
Channeling one of his many famous alter ego’s General Aladeen, ‘The Dictator’ Sacha Baron Cohen was spotted frolicking with Elisabetta Canalis (George Clooney‘s ex) on board luxury yacht Mangusta 92′ at Hotel Du Cap, putting on quite the show for spectators to promote his new movie for Cannes Film Festival. The pair danced, put sunscreen on each […]