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Celebs on Yachts was created as a hobby to combine my appetite for celeb gossip and background growing up around yachts in my beautiful home of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I later moved to the South of France to feed my addiction to all things luxurious on the water!

I never thought that Celebs on Yachts would keep me so busy but it would seem that year on year, more and more celebs are tasting the high life – and ultimately experiencing the most amazing form of travel across the world.

Celebs on Yachts is a bit of a labor of love for me and I hope that you find it as informative and fun as I have in compiling it. And because my passion is yachts, I have provided links and added focus to the amazing yachts within each of my posts. I am not one for nasty gossip and write about the celebs on yachts from a nice perspective!

Celebs on Yachts is also on Twitter, going by the handle @celebsonyachts so try and find me and follow me if you can. You will see all the breaking news stories from Celebs On Yachts on there first!

If you fancy following in the footsteps of any of the celebs you see on Celebs on Yachts and want to charter (rent) a yacht, then I hope my website provides you with the inspiration to do so.

While Celebs on Yachts is not a website through which you can make any bookings, there are numerous links through the site that will no doubt take you where you need to go. You will need money and a broker, and if you have those, then the world will be your oyster!

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading all about the world of Celebs on Yachts, from the spectacular yachts that are crafted by masters in their field to the celebs you love (and even the ones you might find a bit annoying…!)

If you have any tips or information for me to include on Celebs on Yachts, then please get in touch! And if I can be of assistance to you and help you identify any stunning yachts that you may have images of, then again, do not hesitate to contact me!

Enjoy your trip through Celebs on Yachts and while it is a tempting website and worlds away from most people, I hope it allows you to daydream a little!

Lauren xoxo

Celebs on Yachts

Celebs on Yachts