Inside Magic Johnson’s Yacht – $500k-a-week Superyacht Amadeus

July 22, 2015 (No Comments)

Magic Johnson and Samuel L Jackson rent superyacht amadeus in the Mediterranean

When Basketball star Magic Johnson vacations, he does it in style!

He is currently renting the stunning 230ft/70m superyacht Amadeus in the Mediterranean with his BFF Samuel L. Jackson and his son EJ (star of the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills!)

Amadeus costs over $525,000 a week to rent, and according to sources, the long-time buds are renting the yacht for 6 weeks! …Yes, that’s a bill of over $3 million (not including all the extras!) – but this is no trouble to Magic and Samuel, who have a combined net worth of around $670 million (Magic makes up $500 mill of this!)

magic johnson and samuel l. jackson's yacht amadeusmagic johnson amadeus 2elevator on board superyacht amadeus rented by magic johnson and samuel l jackson

The luxury yacht is reported to be owned by French billionaire Bernard Arnault, who has let celebs including Bono rent it out in the past.  Originally built as a research boat, it now offers luxuries including a 14-person movie theater, a grand piano, an elevator, gym, jacuzzi and a golf driving range (!)

Magic’s son EJ, who has recently lost a ton of weight, showed off his weight loss at the yacht’s tee area! Go EJ!

golf range on board superyacht amadeus rented by magic johnson and samuel l jacksonmagic johnson's son EJ at golfing tee on rented yacht amadeus

Over the past 2 weeks, Magic and and Sam and their families have been seen visiting Italy, Corsica and Monaco during their stay on luxury yacht Amadeus. The group were also spotted celebrating the 4th July on board, and enjoying some gelato and shopping whilst shopping in St. Tropez!

Most recently they have been seen hanging out with Formula 1 World Champion and fellow yacht-lover Lewis Hamilton on Amadeus whilst enjoying their time in Monaco!

The B-ball player and EJ have been sharing snaps with their Instagram followers throughout their hol, with Magic boasting over 75k followers and EJ bossing it with of 380k followers of his lavish selfie’s!

magic johnson works out at sundeck gym of rented yacht amadeus

Magic also took advantage of the incredibly gym facilities – including a sundeck treadmill (!) – to keep in shape on board. Magic shared a pic with the caption, “Even though I’m on vacation, I’m still working out everyday!”

Looks like one amazing vacation!


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