Leo DiCaprio & GF Kelly Rohrbach on James Packer’s Superyacht Arctic P

July 29, 2015 (No Comments)

leonardo diCaprio's girlfriend Kelly Rohrbach on james packer's yacht arctic p

For yacht lover Leonardo DiCaprio cruising around the Mediterranean on luxury yacht J.F.F. with new girlfriend Kelly Rohrbach after his Foundation’s gala in St. Tropez was not enough…

The partying continued in Sardinia, where it seems the pair stepped on board billionaire James Packer (currently romancing songstress Mariah Carey)’s 287ft (88m) luxury yacht Arctic P.

Major news outlets haven’t picked up on this, claiming they were not together on Arctic P… but check out the photo below! The almost definitely were on board together!

leonardo dicaprio leaves james packer's superyacht arctic pjames packer's superyacht arctic pjacuzzi on james packer's yacht arctic p

25-year-old Kelly shared some snaps on board the yacht with her 58K+ Instagram followers, the bikini shot above… showing off just why she is a Victoria’s Secret favorite… being captioned “REALLLLYYY stressful day 😋.” In one pic, her and a fashionista Emelie von Hofsten take a minute out from their busy schedule of relaxing for a selfie!

Emelie von Hofsten and leo dicaprio's girlfriend kelly rohrbach on superyacht arctic p

Although 40-year-old Leo was not seen in any of her selfies, it is verrrrry likely he was on board too… as James Packer or Mariah are unlikely to ever met the pretty much unknown model (until now!) before to let them hang on board.

 leo dicaprio's girlfriend kelly rohrbach on james packer's superyacht arctic p in sardinia

She later shared a snap a day later saying ‘Land Ho,’ pretty much confirming that the stay on the luxury yacht was a brief one! Not long after she was seen getting off the yacht at the port with Leo not in sight (he possibly got off somewhere else to avoid photographers?)

 leo dicaprio's girlfriend kelly rohrbach at harbor after disembarking from superyacht arctic p

Leonardo seems to be smitten with the model and TV star, with the pair being seen getting very close (and even dancing! Inspired by Wolf of Wall Street huh, Leo?) in Sardinia on what looks like it could be the yacht Arctic P.

What do you think of Leo and Kelly as a couple, will it last?

leonardo dicaprio and model kelly rohbach hug on superyacht arctic p in sardinialeonardo dicaprio and model kelly rohbach get close on superyacht arctic p in sardinialeonardo dicaprio and model kelly rohbach dance on superyacht arctic p

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